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'It Creates A Rollercoaster Experience For The Fans': Chido Nwokocha On BET's 'Tyler Perry's Sistas'

(CBS Local)-- Season three of "Tyler Perry's Sistas" has been a hot topic of conversation recently on social media and a brand new episode returns to BET on Wednesday at 9pm EST/PST. The series is written, directed and executive produced by Perry and it follows a group of single Black women as they navigate everything that life has to offer.

The show has created many breakout stars and one of those people is actor Chido Nwokocha. The former Ohio University college football player is Gary Marshall Borders on BET's hit series. CBS Local's DJ Sixsmith talked with Nwokocha about his experience on the show, what he's learned from Perry and what fans can expect during the remainder of this season.

"It's been life-changing. You work so hard to become an actor and you try to get on TV and I think the craziest part so far has been the fan interaction," said Nwokocha. "I get recognized walking down the street or in a grocery store and I don't have the most popular character, so I get some different remarks towards me. I take it in stride and it comes with the territory."

Nwokocha says that one time he was at the grocery store and a woman turned around in line and shouted out that she couldn't stand him. Everyone in line looked over at him before the woman revealed she was talking about his character Gary.

"It's a lot of fun. For me, the character is so far from who I am as a person, so it allows me to have a lot of fun and be creative," said Nwokocha. "It creates this rollercoaster experience for the fans where there is a lot of love hate. They don't know if they want to root for me or even if they don't want to root for me, they still have a form of attachment there. It's relatable and people can identify with people they've met in their life."

The actor loves how the show is led by five Black women. Nwokocha believes the show has resonated with folks because it depicts Black women in powerful ways and also showcases the universal connections we all have when it comes to dating, relationships and love. The actor says all the credit for that goes to the one and only Tyler Perry.

"He's incredible and you really see the work ethic when you get on set and interact with him," said Nwokocha. "He's obviously very successful and worked really hard, but he's equally done the same in giving back and wanting to help others move forward, whether it's in their careers or just with his humanitarian efforts in giving back. It gives you a standard of something to emulate and achieve going forward."

Watch "Sistas" on BET every Wednesday night at 9pm EST/PST.

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