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Cedar Hill ISD Keeping Families Fed And Fit During Coronavirus Crisis

CEDAR HILL, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Families in Cedar Hill ISD lined up for free school lunches on Wednesday to help stretch food budgets.

At the same time, the district's P.E. teachers want to make sure young bodies keep moving, as well.

"We are giving out sidewalk chalk," says Shelly Williamson, while hurriedly greeting parents and smiling kids hanging out of car windows. "Sidewalk chalk and directions on how to play hopscotch today!"

Williams teaches P.E. at Cedar Hill's Plummer Elementary.

At least she did until the coronavirus threat forced students to continue their classwork online.

"It's been a little crazy," admits Kendra Williams, who has two school aged children. "Just because we are at home, they think it's not real school, because we are in our pajamas and stuff. I always have to tell them, this is school, it's just home school!"

So Williamson and her P.E. teacher colleagues wanted to make sure their classes didn't fall through the cracks.

"My worry was the kids weren't going to be active," says Williamson.

So her solution was dubbed Workout Wednesday, a creative way that she and her colleagues are hoping to keep students active as the coronavirus forces classes online.

"We started the P.E. packs. Every Wednesday we're going to give out something to the kids, telling them 'hey, we're thinking about you, and here's an activity you can do." So today we got hopscotch, sidewalk chalk, directions, a QR code so they can get instructions so they can play hopscotch."

A QR code for hopscotch instructions, but parents say some old-fashioned activity is just what's needed to face this new normal.

Mom Kati Terrell admits that if she didn't get hers moving they'd be "sitting around the house watching TV, or playing games. Get them moving out and moving about."

Cedar Hill staffers say they know that frazzled parents are doing their best to provide, protect and keep students learning.

The workout packets are just a little reminder they say, to prod them to keep moving, as well.

"They can't sit at home and just eat and stay on video games! They have to get out and do something," shares mom Melissa Wilson with a laugh.

Cedar Hill Superintendent Gerald Hudson says it's important for families to know that their schools will remain a resource for whatever is needed.

"We're doing this at all our sites, passing out the same things, because this is very vital for all or kids," he said.

Those who missed Wednesday's workout packet, can other resources being provided online, just like other coursework.

"A lot of the P.E. teachers, we've started our own little flex learning too," adds Williamson. "We're pushing out exercise videos, exercise tips, food facts of the day, and different things are going out each day." It's all intended to keep those kids moving!"

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