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Bribe For Contract Scheme Presented To Jury In John Wiley Price Case

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DALLAS (1080 KRLD) - The government's star witness took the stand in the bribery trial of Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price on Wednesday.

Christian Campbell, a consultant for several multi-million dollar Dallas County contracts, was indicted along with Price but took a plea deal in 2015. Campbell pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit bribery in exchange for no more than 5-years in federal prison.

On Wednesday, Campbell told the court that he paid money to Price's co-defendant Kathy Nealy with the intent that Nealy would then pass the money along to Price. Nealy in return would give Campbell inside information. Campbell says that info helped land a $40 million dollar contract between Dallas County and the firm Schlumberger.

Campbell, a former employee of the Schlumberger, testified it became clear, early, there was a connection between paying Nealy and a favorable vote from Price.

Price is accused of taking bribes to shepherd contracts through the Dallas County Commissioner's court. Nealy will face trial at a later date.

Campbell was required to testify in the trial for the lighter sentence.

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