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Boss Saves Employee's Life At Southlake Office

SOUTHLAKE (CBSDFW.COM) - Brandon Reyna was a new employee at a State Farm office in Southlake, trying to make a living and impress his boss after just one week on the job. But two weeks ago, Reyna collapsed in his office, and he does not remember what happened. "I was getting ready to call it quits and get ready to go home for the night," Reyna said. "Don't remember much other than that."

Amanda Moreno remembers that she was also about to end her day at the office when she heard a thud come from the office room next to hers. She called out Reyna's name and got no response. Reyna was on the floor and having a seizure.

Moreno said that she tried to comfort Reyna, holding his head as he struggled to breathe. "As I was talking to him, I'd say, maybe it was a minute or so into it, he just totally went limp," recalled Moreno. That is when Reyna stopped breathing, and when Moreno started applying CPR compressions -- a method she had been taught just three weeks prior. "After about two minutes or so of it, he kind of caught his breath. He kind of 'ugh' and he started to breathe again."

"I'm very grateful," said Reyna. "It's awesome to have a boss that was able to keep me here and especially keep her composure. Had she not been here, there would have been nobody who would have known that I wasn't breathing."

Moreno took a 45-minute course taught by Jeff Hill, who runs a company called Mission CPR. He teaches people how to use just chest compressions to save a life. "So many people wait for the EMS to get there," said Hill, who instructs the free class in partnership with the American Heart Association. It has been Hill's mission because, when he was 3 years old, a relative saved his life after he nearly drowned in a swimming pool.

In the days following Reyna's seizure, the entire State Farm office took Hill's free Mission CPR course.

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