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Best Unique Soup Spots In DFW

By Shawn S. Lealos

Finding great soup spots is not as easy as it sounds. Many restaurants offer soup but it is either basic and generic or is loaded with calories rivaling even hamburgers. However, that doesn't mean there aren't great soup spots around and many of them are locally owned restaurants, offering people the perfect chance to get a great tasting, healthy soup, while also supporting the local business scene. Here is a look at the best unique soup spots in the DFW area.

Stone Soup Cafe
333 SW Wilshire Blvd.
Burleson, TX 76028
(817) 447-2989

Whether someone is looking for a great soup or a sandwich and soup combo, Stone Soup Cafe is one of the best spots in the Fort Worth area with homemade soup made daily. The only thing that holds it back is that they are closed on weekends and are only open until 3 p.m. on Fridays. The prices are great, though, with a cup of soup available for under $3 and a pint for under $5. Also available on the menu are a number of great deli sandwiches as well as a number of salad choices.

Pho is for Lovers
5521 Greenville Ave., Suite 105
Dallas, TX 75206
(972) 708-1028

Soup lovers know the delicacy of Pho and the Greenville restaurant Pho is for Lovers offers Dallas residents a great place to enjoy some of the best soups in the Metroplex. This is a locally owned, family owned, Vietnamese restaurant that offers healthy, authentic Vietnamese food at great prices. They are open every day from 11 a.m. until 9 p.m. with the last call for orders at 8:45 p.m. Pho is for Lovers slow cooks their pho for 12 hours, fresh daily. They offer beef, chicken, seafood and tofu pho for everyone's dietary needs and tastes. The restaurant also sells subs, noodles and rice plates, as well as egg rolls, salads and shrimp chips.

Rise No. 1
5360 W. Lovers Lane, Suite 220
Dallas, TX 75209
(214) 366-9900

Another stop for people looking for the best unique soup spots in the DFW area is Rise No. 1. The first Rise restaurant opened in Dallas when Hedda Giola Dowd wanted to eat French-styled foods in the DFW area. She opened her first Rise restaurant in Dallas and it became a huge local business success story. She then made plans to open a second restaurant in Houston and the third in Fort Worth, but this remains a huge Dallas favorite for soufflés since 2008. There is also a wine bar and great soups, including their marshmallow soup and the seasonal gazpacho soup.

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Deli News
17062 Preston Road, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75248
(972) 733-3354

Deli News remains one of the most iconic hotspots in the Dallas area, a New York-styled debut restaurant in North Dallas. Deli News prides itself on the big games that have eaten at their establishment, from the cast of Seinfeld to performer Jackie Mason. However, what they are even more proud of is their numerous awards picked up over their 22-plus years in existence as the best deli and bakery from Dallas news sources and even the nationally published USA Today. Their unique soup options include their "The Best" Chicken Soup, Beet Borscht, Kasha Soup, "Chicken Hodgepdge" soup, and more. They also accept call-in orders and cater.

Pho 95
2525 E. Arkansas Lane, Suite 223
Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 543-2295

When in Arlington, whether catching a Dallas Cowboys or Texas Rangers game, or hitting up one of the DFW areas most enjoyable entertainment venues, there is a Pho restaurant there to hit up for great soup as well. Pho 95 is a Vietnamese. Another locally owned DFW restaurant, they offer great pho soup, tasty boba tea, five-spice chicken, and delicious Vietnamese fried spring rolls. They are open every day of the week from 9 a.m. until 11:15 p.m., offering a large number of pho soups, including beef, chicken, vegetarian, specialty, beef stew, and more.

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