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Best Spicy Food Restaurants In DFW

Spicy food comes in a lot of varieties. You would expect to see a lot of Mexican places in Dallas with hot food, and there are. Even so, it is the Oriental restaurants -- Chinese, Japanese, Korean etc., -- that get the most fiery food out. There are others, even some classic American places, that can turn on the fire in your mouth. Here are the five we like best, but you try these at your own risk.
CBD Provisions
1530 Main St
Dallas, TX 75201
(214) 261-4500
www.cbdprovisions.comCBD provisions is a classical American restaurant in the Joule Hotel in downtown Dallas. They specialize in farm to table food, with exotic dishes like Pig Head Carnitas. Large meals are served individually or family style. Their latest creation is the Fried Rooster that just has to be tried. The seasoning is a mixture of cumin, orange peel and Sichuan peppers before crisping in a fryer.
Pakpao Thai Resaurant
1628 Oak Lawn Ave.
Dallas, Texas 75207
(214) 749-7002
pakpaothai.comA trendy restaurant in the trendy Design District perhaps, but it thrives on authenticity and exotic cocktails. They take pride in their food, and in creating spicy dishes you won't soon forget.  The crispy fish curry is a taste that will get your attention. It is a fire blazing hot meal of fried fish, The red curry is enhanced with galangal, kaffir lime leaf, wild ginger and green peppercorns as well as Thai chile. They don't add anything to tone down the heat of red curry paste, so this dish may be only for the real brave. The type of fish changes with the season, but it's hot regardless.
Vivo 53
525 Taylor St
Fort Worth, TX 76102
(682) 207-8700
vivo53.comThis Fort Worth Pizza restaurant is pizza and whole lot more. The name comes the number of versions before they were satisfied with the crust they could make. Toppings seem endless, and that is where the spicy nature of this place enters the pictures. Jalepenos with the pizza are just the start of the spice you can create with these pizzas. There's plenty of craft beer available to cool it down.

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Hopdoddy Burger Bar
5100 Belt Line Road | Map
Dallas, Texas 75254
(972) 387-2337
www.hopdoddy.comThere are three of these in Dallas for this Texas based chain that specializes in burgers that will blow your mind. The ghost pepper burger has pepper jack, caramelized onions, habanero and serrano chiles, salsa roja and a creamy kick from chipotle mayo. Add a side of  green chile queso fries and your taste buds will never be the same. Both are amazingly spice, but also very delicious.
Bangkok City
4503 Greenville Ave
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 691-8233
Bangkok CityThis traditional Thai restaurant has the spice Thai food is famous for. You can crank up the heat, depending on how brave you are. Take the Green Curry for instance. You can order it at five different levels of heat, and then there is the "authentic" level that is very hot.  The heat is available on most dishes, just ask for the higher levels of spice.

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