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Best DFW Places For Handmade Accessories

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Gone are the days where customers buy products that have been pumped out through methods of mass production. The consumer today seeks not only quality, but durability and most importantly personalization. For those in the market for unique, handmade accessories, these top businesses in DFW will have you covered in terms of jewelry, hats and everything necessary to take your look and style to the next level. From hand-beaded necklaces to hand-constructed western wear, these top-of-the-line companies known for producing the best in handmade accessories are now revealed.

Melissa Benge Collection
2823 N. Henderson Ave.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 821-1777
www.melissabengecollection.comConveniently situated in the bustling shopping district of Henderson Avenue lies the Melissa Benge Collection—a comforting composite of hand-selected jewelry, hats, art, apparel and other items gathered by owner and conceptual designer, Melissa Benge. The collection is one of a more modern Western world and one that is completely distinguishable from any other offerings in Dallas. Offering "hair on hide" iPad accessories, unique leather and croco handbags and beautifully handmade jewelry, the Melissa Benge Collection is unquestionably a gem for the Dallas-area market and tops when it comes to the best in handmade accessories. With pieces gathered internationally from global markets all over the world, the Melissa Benge Collection is a must-see for those seeking a break from the norm.
Dallas, TX
www.custom-handbags.comCykochik, the notably buzz-worthy vegan brand and 2013 recipient of the PETA Compassionate Business Award, is all about the cause, literally. Founded in 2003 by Nikki Duong Koenig, this Dallas-based brand is more than just about bringing awareness to animal advocacy but also about the evolution of creativity and art into customizable handbags. Based off of its three Cs ("Creativity, Craftsmanship and Community"), Cykochik is internationally acclaimed and highly sought after for its cruelty-free, unique accessories. From totes to wristlets to accessories, this award-winning brand is deservingly one of the best in DFW.
This One Woman Jewelry
Dallas, TX
www.thisonewoman.comSelf-taught jewelry designer Emme Hathcock is making waves in fashion with her bold and eclectic statement jewelry pieces. Priding herself on the use of ancient beading techniques to singularly develop pieces for her collection, Hathcock embraces the uniqueness and solidarity for each piece of jewelry that she creates. Recently featured at The Pin Show Dallas and the A.I.N. Designer Competition, the This One Woman collection is rapidly gaining ground and establishing itself as one of the best in the Big "D" for handcrafted jewelry. The This One Woman collection features everything from Swarovski Crystal bracelets to shattered mirror statement necklaces—a completely diverse and one-of-kind collection for the individual who loves luxury and distinction.Related: Best Places For Men's Accessories In DFW
Red-I By Chelsea Jewelry
Dallas, TX
www.redibychelsea.comAward-winning bridal jewelry designer, Chelsea Bond is all about personalization, quality and wearability. Her internationally acclaimed jewelry company, Red-I By Chelsea specializes in not only custom bridal jewelry but also in uniquely beaded cocktail jewelry pieces, earrings, necklaces and hair accessories. Everything about this Dallas-based brand exudes elegance, luxury and class—which parallels the mastery and craftsmanship that Bond pours into every piece. Most notorious around town for her barefoot jewelry accessories and on the rise as the go-to prominent wedding jewelry in not only Dallas, but the world, Red-I By Chelsea hails as one of the best in DFW.
Maverick Western Wear
100 E. Exchange Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76164
(817) 626-1129
www.maverickwesternwear.comThere wouldn't be a best in the Big "D" for accessories unless someone mentioned western wear. With that being said, in enters Maverick Western Wear out of Fort Worth—a specialty Western boutique situated conveniently in the Fort Worth Stockyards district and one that has been servicing the area since 1987. Clientele has included some of Hollywood's most notorious: Dan Aykroyd, Kid Rock, Miranda Lambert, Hootie and the Blowfish and Eric Clapton, to name a few. With such an impressive following, there's no doubt why this Western Wear boutique is one of the finest in DFW. Customers rave over the handmade hats, boots and jewelry items, all which make this signature Fort Worth company top-tiered for those in the market for exceptional accessories.Related: Best DFW Places For Handmade Jewelry
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