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Best DFW Places For DIY Spa Supplies

Spa Treatment
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A day of pampering can often become costly, especially when spa experiences charge by the hour. While most would prefer to escape to luxury spas and resorts for an entire day of treatments and self-indulgence, it is entirely outside of their reasonable means to do so. DFW has multiple locations and companies that specialize in the sale of spa supplies and products that can make a day of pampering a treat you can afford yourself right within the comfort of your home.

8687 N. Central Expressway
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 691-1500

When pampering yourself from head to toe, Fresh has you covered with its vast selection of natural beauty and spa products. Relaxing has never been easier when you indulge in one of Fresh's Sake Bath products. Noted as a fan favorite from Fresh, the Sake Bath soak contains over 50% of detoxifying sake that will seep into your skin and naturally relax your body as you soak. After unwinding and emerging from a warm sake bath, Fresh guarantees that its Sake Bath product will leave you feeling cleansed and moisturized.

5071 David Strickland Road
Fort Worth, TX 76119
(800) 483-9860

One can never be over enthusiastic about a private pampering session at home. For the hot or cold stone massage enthusiast, Fort Worth's RubRocks specializes in providing hot stone kits and cold stone sets for your in-home spa experience. No more paying outrageous hourly fees for your hot stone massages when you can own the kit at a low affordable price. RubRock gives you all of the essentials you will need in order to be a stone massage professional in a matter of hours. RubRocks is one of the top locations in the DFW metroplex for stone massage products and is also the perfect choice for fulfilling all of your stress relief needs.

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Margo's Bath And Body
Uptown Wellness Center
4144 N. Central Expressway, #450
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 750-8509

Margo McIntosh, creator and founder of Margo's Bath and Body, comes from a background in the high-end spa industry and has since poured that wealth of knowledge into her own line of bath and body products. For a highly relaxing experience, Margo's Bath and Body offers products from the Blooming Earth Collection. Items from this collection combine aromatherapy scents of lavender, fresh grass and green tea to not only incite the senses but to detoxify and reduce stress in the body. Take a long soak while using Margo's Blooming Earth salt scrub followed by applications of the Blooming Earth body souffle lotion, and you will be on your way to pure bliss in no time.

Hard Night Good Morning
(800) 360-0988

A good facial treatment is hard to come by and can often break the bank. So why not do it yourself for a fraction of the price? Dallas-based skin care line Hard Night Good Morning is in the business of providing the best in natural and luxurious skin care products for an affordable price. For an in-home spa day experience, pamper yourself with a Hard Night Good Morning detox mineral masque while you casually relax in a bath and unwind. Achieve the maximum benefit out of your facial by applying the award-winning Facial Cocktail Serum to lift, tone and and provide the maximum hydration for your skin. When all is said and done, Hard Night Good Morning products make it simple and inexpensive to achieve similar results from top spas and wellness centers right within the comfort of your home.

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Lavanda Aromatherapya
3767 Weeburn Drive
Dallas, TX 75229
(214) 350-8008

Aromatherapy can often be essential in obtaining proper health and wellness for the skin, body and mind. Dallas-based company, Lavanda, offers essential oils and products that would pair perfectly with a day of rest and relaxation at home. Choose from a special blend of oils geared towards stress reduction or those that assist with detoxing. All Lavanda products are blended and offered in its purest form, ensuring the most natural use of any of its aromatherapy oils and scents.

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