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Best Music Lessons In North Texas

Learning a musical instrument rewards students with greater confidence, a better appreciation of music overall, a lot of fun, and more. It's never too late to start, and you don't need to feel intimidated, especially once you find a good teacher. Here are five of the best places for music lessons in North Texas.

1/5 Nightlife & Music Wilborn Music Studio
Wilborn Music Studio

Open since 2010, Wilborn Music Studio offers lessons on a variety of instruments: piano, organ, guitar, sax, drum, horn, violin, voice, and trombone. They also teach songwriting and have a recording studio on site. Their 13 active teachers and staff have (or are pursuing) degrees in music or are professional musicians. For adults, fees are $25/week for a 30-minute lesson, $45/week for an hour lesson, with slight discounts for a month paid in advance. Lessons for children are $20/week for 30 minutes and $35/week for hour lessons, again with a slight discount for a month paid ahead. The studio pushes versatility, teaching genres from classical to jazz to pop to R&B to country. Their passion is to help people achieve their personal musical goals. Michael Wilborn grew up as a student in the Dunbar schools; he sees his studio as a way of giving back to that community, knowing the power music can have on the individual and in turn on the community as a whole.

1/5 Nightlife & Music Swords Music
Swords Music

Swords offers lessons for guitar, bass, drums, and keyboard — $20 for every 30 minutes. Opened in 1969, Swords has established itself as an institution rich with music lore. Teacher Wheldon Garrett pedaled his bicycle to the shop as a youth beginning around 1979, took lessons there, and now passes on the music to his students. If you want to know about guitar, make sure you don't miss Swords.

1/5 Nightlife & Music Playing The Guitar
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The Guitar Studio provides lessons for classical guitar taught by top staff, one of whom actually took lessons from the famous Andres Segovia. The shop sells classical guitars and also works with Guitar Fort Worth, a nonprofit that sponsors concerts featuring musicians from around the world. Fees are $120 per month for a weekly 30-minute lesson, $180 per month for weekly 45-minute lessons, $240 per month for weekly 60 minute ones, and $70 per hour for single lessons.

1/5 Nightlife & Music Piano Lessons
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The Music Academy of Denton's 20 university-trained instructors teach piano, guitar, strings, voice, woodwinds, brass, and drum lessons for students of all ages, including 3 years old! They also rent, repair, and sell instruments. Prices vary, and special discounts are available. It's a privately owned place that's been open since 1995 in the same town as the University of North Texas, one of the top music schools in the nation.

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