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Best College Bars In DFW

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The irony of college life is that you're expected to behave like adults; unfortunately, most students don't have the financial means to accomplish this. Usually, you're forced to survive on a meager allowance from parents. Thank goodness for college nightlife, where a night out won't destroy your budget. If you're a college student who likes to stretch out your hard earned buck, we think you'll agree these are the best joints in which to do so.

Across the Street Bar
5625 Yale Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75206
(214) 691-5296

Ask anyone what the best college bar in the city is and they'll probably say this one. Just don't go in expecting anything fancy––across the Street Bar isn't out to impress. With its tin roof and concrete floors, this popular SMU bar gives the impression that it gets hosed out often. But like a jar full of sticky honey, the joint attracts college kids like flies. Maybe it's those Wednesday nights that keep this place popular, with cheap pitchers of beers, live music and the ever-popular drum circle. Whatever the mix, Across the Street Bar is a popular place to hang out on the cheap.

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Chimy's Cerveceria
1053 Foch St.
Fort Worth, 76107
(817) 348-8888

With its cheap drinks and affordable, yet tasty Tex Mex menu, this place has become popular with the TCU college crowd and just about anyone who wants reasonably priced comfort food. The grub is yummy: gooey Tex-Mex classics like tacos, nachos and fajitas, served hot and covered in tons of melted cheese. The Green Chile Nachos are not to be missed. If you're feeling a little bolder, try one of Chimy's mouth-watering Gut Rockets, a chimichanga served with a side of queso. There's happy hour daily from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Tuesdays are Tequila Nights, when college students get a $1 off all tequila products, including margaritas.

Quarter Bar
3301 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 754-4940

Quarter Bar gets big points for college fun. The atmosphere of this Uptown establishment is dark and cozy, and the décor brings New Orleans' French Quarter to mind. There are lots of different nooks to hang out and sprawling couches to sip on Patron with your friends. The music selection ranges from groovy to just plain weird, chosen by the kooky, efficient bartenders, who, while efficient, tend to be loud. The bathrooms are co-ed but, hey, we're all technically grown ups here, right? And since college kids are known for being technologically hip, how's this for a marketing plan to get inside their young heads: use your Foursquare app on your iPhone to get your second drink free.

McKinney Avenue Tavern
2822 McKinney Ave.
Dallas, TX 75204
(214) 969-1984

Affectionately known as "the Mat," this Uptown bar practically screams out "College Night!" by offering cold beer and good food, specifically on Tuesdays when happy hour pricing runs all day long. Plus, you'll find dozens of sports fans gathering here on game nights. With its many large screen TVs, there isn't a bad seat in the house. On weekends, it's packed almost all the time, and during the week there's enough of a crowd to keep things lively. Oh, and these guys are known for their great contests and giveaways centered around major sports events. We're not talking little foam koozies, either. We're talking serious swag, like big screen TVs, gift cards and cash.

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Buffalo Bros. Pizza Wings & Subs
3015 S. University Drive
Fort Worth, TX 76109
(817) 386-9601

Buffalo Bros. is a popular hangout in West Fort Worth that knows how to treat college kids right. On Mondays, SMU students can present their student IDs to get 20  percent off all food items. That includes Buffalo Bros. selection of spicy hot chicken wings and pizzas, like the New Yorker pizza made with shaved meatballs, onions, and jalapeños. Buffalo Bros. is also a sports bar with a great beer selection (Rahr Seasonals and PBR on tap) and friendly service. It's within walking distance from the campus and the perfect place to grab a cold schooner and stave off a serious case of college munchies.

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