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Best Activities For Summer Thrill Seekers In DFW

By Kena Sosa

For those who have been holding in their wild and adventurous ways until the summer, it's time to let loose! In and around the DFW area there are countless ways to cater to your wild side.

Zero Gravity
11131 Malibu Drive
Dallas, TX 75229
(972) 484-8359

For fans of feeling G force in the pit of their bellies, Zero Gravity offers mix and match rides for almost any way to fall down. They offer the classic bungee jump, both ankle-bound and upright from a crane for starters. Then Zero Gravity spreads the love with other rides for an affordable price, discounting prices for multi-ride thrill-seekers. Get off the ground with the Texas Blastoff, a rare ride that shoots riders up into the air. Or for the truly daring, try the free fall. Your body will land safely into a net below, but no promises as to when your heart will return to its regular beat.

Warbird And Biplane Rides-Cavanaugh Flight Museum
4572 Claire Chennault
Addison, TX 75001
(972) 380-8800

If you have dreamed of flying a fighter jet or a bomber, or another vintage aircraft, the Cavanaugh Flight Museum has made this dream a reality for aviation enthusiasts. Whip through the skies in a way few others have had the chance on a variety of historic planes and see for yourself. The ultimate in skyweaving, the North American P-51D, is just one of the many dream rides at the Cavanaugh. If you're not quite ready for that, the TravelAir 4000 or Cessna 0-2A Skymaster planes are equally unforgettable options.

Six Flags Over Texas
2201 Road to Six Flags
Arlington, TX 76010
(817) 640-8900

For the adrenaline hungry, Six Flags Over Texas is king of excitement. Featuring almost 20 different whirlwind rides with heart-attack drops from spine-tingling heights, to rides that practically spin you into orbit. Thrill-seeking is a daylong event at this park. A few of the rides at this location are even record-breakers. Think you can handle it? Even the roller coaster masters, will have to admit, there's something special about this place. It is, after all, the only place you can ride the Galactic Virtual Reality Coaster. Try it and see for yourself.

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Dallas Skydive Center
3517 County Road 2615
Caddo Mills, TX 75135
(972) 552-7790

There are several factors that set Dallas Skydive Center apart from other skydive locations, the main factor being safety. Using Super Cessna 182 planes, and the Sigma Tandem System for parachutes as utilized by the US Special Forces, the courageous can feel secure as they drop hourly into the sky over the gorgeous DFW terrain. Certified instructors make a difference too. However, one can't deny that the ultimate selling point is the view. There is hardly another way to view the skylines of Dallas, Fort Worth, Lake Ray Hubbard, Lake Tawakoni and other nearby sites in one huge panorama of fun and fantastic beauty.

NASCAR Racing Experience
3545 Lone Star Circle
Fort Worth, TX 76177
(817) 215-8500

If you have the need for speed, Texas Motor Speedway is waiting to give you the ride of a lifetime. Choose from either single or double ride along options, or take the wheel yourself. Either way, unlimited action and spirited fun are waiting for you to get the pedal to the metal. Take a few practice laps and then drive the track yourself. Even better, the action will be caught on camera so that you can show off your skills and relive one of the most fantastic and fast days of your life.

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