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Pennsylvania Brewery Names Newest Beer 'Dallas Sucks'

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - A brewery filled with Philadelphia Eagles fans in Pennsylvania has a clear message for Dallas Cowboys supporters, and they put it right on the beer can. The newest creation from the Weyerbacher Brewing Company has been named 'Dallas Sucks.'

While copyright issues likely prevent the company from adding the well-known Cowboys star to the can, the brewery leaves no doubt about who they are targeting. According to Weyerbacher's website, the beer was created "for tailgating in parking lots, celebrating first downs and big hits."

The website goes on to explain, "If our team is our good guy, then there has to be a foe. In the East, that foe is Dallas."

According to the brewery, the beer sold out on the first day that it became available, and has continued to sell out quickly each time that it is restocked.

Dallas Sucks Beer
(credit: Weyerbacher Brewing Company)

Weyerbacher does note that the name is all in good fun. "If you're a Dallas fan, I hope you take this as what it is -- a little good natured ribbing by a fan." In fact, a portion of the 'Dallas Sucks' proceeds are being donated to the American Red Cross for the cleanup efforts after Hurricane Harvey.

"We take football seriously, but we also take caring for our fellow Americans seriously," the website added.

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