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Attorney's Blood Alcohol Level Twice Legal Limit At Time Of Deadly Crash

IRVING (CBSDFW.COM) - Toxicology results show a Southlake attorney was at about twice the legal limit for drunk driving when he wrecked his sports car on January 4 in Irving.

Attorney Ron Eddins, 41, had been drinking with Kaat Debeuckelaer, 22 and Kenneth Lark, 23. Police say he was driving so fast that he lost control of his Porsche for 600 feet.

Police reports say the car hit a curb and traveled the last 100 feet in the air, sailing over a canal and striking a wall before plunging into the water.  The crash killed all three people.

The report shows in addition to twice the legal limit of alcohol, Eddins had also been taking an antidepressant. The combinaton made for a toxic mix.

"When you take that (antidepressant) with alcohol it adds to the cerebellar effects," said Dr. David Winter of Baylor Healthcare.  "That means you aren't as coordinated. You can't manage driving, for example, as you could on either one alone."

An autopsy report says all three were killed by the trauma of the accident and drowning. A work crew found the wreckage hours later while repairing the damaged guard rail.

Police have never been able to determine the exact speed of the car. Whatever speed, Dr. Winter feels Eddins should not have been driving.

"That's a lot of what alcohol does -- it really robs you of the judgement." he said. "That amount alone, forget the antidepressant, is going to make you impared with making smart decisions. He was driving way too fast."


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