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Ask A DFW Expert: Upcoming Summer Fashion Trends

Oftentimes, family members consider sewing a hobby and not a sustainable art form or a viable career. Such was the case for Esé Azénabor, a woman who is setting the fashion design industry on fire. Her passion, which did not follow the family tradition of medicine, law and engineering, proved that when you follow your dreams, good things come together.
Esé Azénabor
100 Cole St.
Dallas, TX 75207
(469) 258-4811
www.eseazenabor.comNigerian-born, Canadian-raised Esé Azénabor is a Dallas-based fashion designer. Azénabor's creative inspiration comes from the world of arts and her rich culture. The self-taught designer utilizes African, Egyptian and contemporary European artistry to create her regal designs. The theme of the Esé Azénabor Spring/Summer 2016 collection is the Garden of Eden. Azénabor's goal is to empower women through the art of fashion.
Full Of Color Color is the dominant theme this year. Flowery, earthy vibes filled with vibrant colors are the trend this year. The base colors of yellow and green will give rise to more vibrant colors. Orange and red will bloom from yellow. From earthy green colors, you will see more vibrant blues, purples even some contrast of white.
Light Fabrics Silk chiffon, silk flowing satins and very light airy weight fabrics you will see to go along with the colors. It will have a fairy tale garden feel and appearance. For the woman who goes to luncheons or has at-home parties, you will see more color pairings in the fabrics she chooses to wear. There will be a dominant color for dinners and galas. In those events, you will see more lightweight fabrics but as not much multiple vibrant colors. You will see a solid red dress.
Tapered Looks And SlitsPoofy dresses are out. Tapered looks are in. Last year's fashion showed a silhouette of small at the top and big poofy skirts at the bottom. For this year's summer, we are seeing more fitted dressed from head to toe. Fashion is more body conscious this year. Slits are in, and there will be slits galore. You will see a dress go straight to the floor, but a slit that will go way up either in the front, the side or the back.
Comfortable Slip DressesIt might look like an undergarment, but it isn't. Big name designers have introduced the slip dress this summer as an easy-to-wear casual garment. You will see women in a very simple beige slip dress as they run errands and for cocktail hour and going out at night you will see a more dressed up, embellished fabric with beading.
Prairie DressesTeenagers to middle-aged women will see the "Little House on The Prairie" style dress with a touch of lace on the sleeve or at the hem this season. This dress can include ruffles and embroidery.

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Denim Is BackDenim fabric never really goes out of style, but trends within denim change. Denim jumpsuits, distressed denim pants, bell-bottom pants, and high cut denim shorts are no longer in style. For younger fashionistas, denim mini-skirts are definitely in style. Classic jeans never go out of style for any age, but this year it will be paired with a company logo T-shirt even though the woman wearing it doesn't work for that company.
PocketsThe highest requested item women want in their garments are pockets. Whether going to the beach, at the office (pencil skirts with hidden pockets) or even going out at night, a hidden pocket will be a feature in an evening gown and in all women's wear.
Fish Net And FringeInstead of outfits made completely out of fishnet, you will see it incorporated in with other fabrics. Fishnet will be the accent fabric in everything from casual to dressy wear. Fringe is being added as a subtle element to dresses — cuff, beltline, hemline and even more dramatically angled on an asymmetrical hemline.
Shoes: Flat Sandals And MulesComfortable, bulky flat shoes are in for summer. You just slide your feet in and off you go. Alexander Wang, Victoria Beckham, Givenchy and Channel all featured the chunky flat sandals and mules during New York Fashion Week.
The Tassel NecklaceBecause the plunging neckline is in for evening wear, many women will want to accentuate that look by adding a very long necklace with a tassel embellishment at the end.

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