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Susan Van Volkenburg's 9/11 Story

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Everyone remembers exactly where they were on September 11, 2001.  For one North Texas woman, the personal loss that day took her on a journey of spiritual discovery.

"My father was on Flight 77 which hit the Pentagon" said author of "Silent Resolve and the God Who Let Me Down" Susan Van Volkenburg.

Back in Texas, Susan and her husband Ron started that Tuesday off quite normally with their children.

"We started our day off with Bible study.  The subject was Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego who wouldn't bow down to the image of the King and were thrown into the fiery furnace" Susan added.

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She then, for whatever reason, felt like she should add her own words to the story as she spoke to her children that September morning.

"No matter what life gives you, no matter what fiery furnace you are cast into you still have to worship God" she remembered.

The exact moment that she was telling her children that, American Flight 77 was in peril.

"The timing was the exact time that my father was plummeting into the Pentagon and bursting into flames" Susan recalled.

Her story of faith and triumph can be found in her book "Silent Resolve and the God Who Let Me Down"

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Book Info:  "Silent Resolve and the God Who Let Me Down"

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