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Aging Men Turn To Botox For Job Hunting Edge

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – There are men in D/FW who are walking around with a big secret –– for them, it's key to staying successful and fresh in today's highly competitive job market.

Dallas businessman Don Pelham falls into this group. He says looking good is part of what keeps business booming.

"I usually get guessed for much younger than my age," he said.

But, at 47-years old, Pelham says it's become harder to stay fresh in his highly competitive field.

"It was like I was 26 one day, and then I woke up and I was in my 40s," Pelham said.  "Some of the things weren't looking the same way they used to."

To give himself a boost in the job market, Pelham turned to Dr. Jeffrey Adelglass at Skintastic, and a popular treatment usually given to women.  "Brotox, if you will, is probably where mani/pedis were 10 years ago," Pelham said.

He had several treatments of botox and fillers around his face to help revitalize his look.  And, he's not alone.  Dr. Adelglass says "brotox" business is exploding as older men turn to cosmetic procedures to help them face-off with younger competitors –– especially when hunting for new jobs.

"They look older, they look tired," Dr. Adelglass said.  "They don't have that vitalized look. They come in and get a vitalized look, and bam they get a job."

Image consultant Valerie Sokolosky says first impressions are everything when it comes to securing new business or a new job.

"Women can have a new hairdo, do some color, or make up," she said.  "It's not as easy for men."

She says men of a certain age have to be open to new ideas in order to rise above the rest.

"When you walk into that room, you want to be peppy, you want to be alert, you want to be energetic," she said.  "So, a little 'brotox' here and there, why not?"

"If you have the confidence in yourself, I feel you can accomplish anything," explained Dr. Adelglass.

And Pelham agrees.  He believes "brotox" helped him regain the confidence and the edge he'd lost.  He says the biggest obstacle now is battling the stigma associated with getting the treatment.

"It's not something you rush back to the Monday night Football party to talk about," Pelham joked.  But, he says it's a necessary evil in today's highly competitive world.

"I always tell them, up to 25 it's physique, after 25 it's maintenance," he said.  "So, I'm just maintaining."

"Brotox" treatments generally cost around $200 per area.  Meanwhile, Sokolosky says there are other things you can do to help freshen up your image if you're not interested in cosmetic procedures like botox.

She says, for starters, make sure your hair is trimmed and prepared perfectly.  Make sure your suit fits properly, and don't wear a lot of flashy jewelry.  Less is more when it comes to making a good first impression.

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