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A 99-Year-Old Runner For God

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NORTH TEXAS (1080 KRLD) - Captain Orville Rogers is 99 years young and is still running competitively, but he didn't even start running until his 50th birthday.

The first part of his almost century-long life was spent flying, first in the Army Air Corps and Air Force.

"I was an instructor pilot for all of World War Two, flying mostly B-25's" said Captain Rogers.

Captain Rogers flew for Braniff Airways for 31 years, and then used his aviation skills for a more spiritual endeavor.

"My wife and I served in Tanzania for thirteen months, I flew a Cessna 210 for the Baptist mission there all over Tanzania and part of Kenya," he added.

He started running when he was 50 years old, and it would become his pastime and passion for the next almost half a century.

"I read Doctor Cooper's book 'Aerobics' when I was 50 years old and started running the next day. I have logged a little over 42,000 miles," he exclaimed.

Captain Rogers began competitive running at 90 years old, and has since then broken records all over the country.

"I broke the 800 Meter World Record by about 30 seconds, and I slaughtered the world record, I think I beat it by a minute and a half. I am still the only man in the world that has run a ten minute mile after his 90th birthday" he said.

You can meet Captain Orville Rogers this Saturday, February 4 at the Frontiers of Flight Museum at Love Field at 2:00 p.m.

He will be talking about his new book "Running Man - Flying High for the Glory of God."

Orville Rogers
Orville Rogers (courtesy: Orville Rogers)

"I accepted the Lord Jesus when I was 10 years old, and I have tried to live for Him for 90 years now almost" Capt. Rogers said.

J.D. Ryan is trying to keep up with Captain Orville Rogers...Around Town!

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