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911 Operator Resigns Months After Botched Call

DALLAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - A Dallas 9-1-1 operator who mishandled a call from a dying woman has resigned.

The call led to scrutiny of the city's 9-1-1 operations and changes including new call instructions and dozens of officers moving into the communications center.

Tonyita Hopkins took the August call from Deanna Cook where Cook was in fear for her life. Cook's family said she was placed on hold, and then waited another 10 minutes for dispatch instructions to go out.

Police didn't arrive for 50 minutes and never went into Cook's home. Her family found her dead inside two days later. Her ex-husband was arrested for her murder.

The city said Hopkins never entered critical call information that would have informed police on the severity of the situation.

She served a 10-day suspension and was moved to a different department after the incident.

The city did not offer a reason for her resignation Tuesday but a source said it was not unusual for people to quit following high profile situations.

Cook's sister, Karletha Cook-Gundy, said the resignation is little consolation to the family, which is more interested in how the mistakes happened.

"It's the system as a whole," Cook-Gundy said. "It's not just one person's fault or another person's fault. It's a 911 call center and it's the system that failed her."

The family filed a lawsuit over the death in September. Cook-Gundy said the family is hoping Hopkins will feel free now to provide them with more details about the night the call was made.

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