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600 Pounds Of Feces Removed From Cages Along With 124 Animals, 'Worst Cockroach Infestation Ever'

FORT WORTH, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Calling it the "worst cockroach infestation" they've ever seen on site, a spokesperson for The Humane Society of North Texas is now in possession of 124 animals seized from a Denton home.

"The cruelty these pets endured was unfathomable and inexcusable. We will continue to fight for those without a voice, and we thank the community for their continued financial support. These pets will be rehabilitated by our medical teams and ultimately become available for adoption to loving homes," said Cassie Davidson, Director of Communications for HSNT.

animal cruelty bunny
(credit: The Humane Society of North Texas)

In total, the organization took in 97 guinea pigs, nine chinchillas, six rabbits, four parakeets, two chickens, two degus, two hamsters, one cockatiel and one cat. All of the pets were found in cages deep in fecal material and infested with cockroaches.

Half of the pets didn't have water; the other half had only filthy, contaminated water and little to no food. Many of these pets had sores and severe flea infestation, were grossly underweight, and suffered from upper respiratory infections with sneezing and eye/nasal discharge. The toenails of most of the animals were embedded with feces, and their feet were irritated from lengthy exposure to excrement.

HSNT removed more than 600 pounds of waste from the cages found at the home.

(credit: The Humane Society of North Texas)

Authorities also found 122 dead animals amid the deplorable conditions.



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