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5 Strategies To Make The Most Of Spring Cleaning In D/FW

Spring officially starts on March 21, but here in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas it can sometimes seem like spring in the wintertime. Nonetheless, that shouldn't stop you from investing must-needed time in some organizational elements that can help keep your home clean and clutter-free year round. Here are five space-saving and organizational strategies that will actually give you a spring break for years to come.

1. Use color-coded and different size organizational bins
If you have a lot of items in your home or garage, one of the fastest and most economical ways to organize your belongings is by using color-coded and different sized bins. By color-coding, you will be able to place like-items or seasonal objects in one bin. You can also color code for specific family members or rooms in your home. Using different sized bins allows you to maximize tight spaces and eliminate boxes and bags that can attract insects and pests.

2. Add shelves to your storage space
A great way to keep items such as extra blankets and seasonal clothes off the ground and away from pests is to install shelves or cabinets. This will also give you additional space to store other smaller items as well as those color-coded bins. Just be sure to place the shelves into wall studs to reduce wall damage, especially if you are storing heavy items.

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3. Throw away or donate excess items
For some Dallas natives who like to stockpile, donating items may be hard to do because of the desire to keep everything for "just in case" moments. Unfortunately, holding onto unnecessary items causes a decrease in living space and adds to the frustration of cleaning time. Instead of holding onto old items, consider donating or discarding those items. Donating unused furniture, clothing, trinkets and toys is not only a great way to give back to the community, but also allows for tax deductions in most cases. A great rule of thumb: If you see something and immediately think, "I forgot I had this," the chances of you needing it one day are probably slim to none.

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4. Create a cleaning calendar
A cleaning calendar will help you prepare for seasonal cleaning. You can use the calendar to mark when the donation truck runs as well as list the day and time you may want to have a garage sale. The calendar will also serve as a reminder to prevent overbooking yourself with other events.

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5. Organize a neighborhood cleaning day or week
This is slowly becoming a popular way for communities and even apartment complexes in D/FW to discard, sell or donate unwanted items. By organizing a neighborhood cleaning day, you are able to get a team together to help remove unwanted clutter and vice versa. This is also a great way to help a neighbor in need. You never know when you will need the favor returned.

Ivy N. Carter has been professionally writing since 1998 when she started writing for the Texas Southern University The Herald student newspaper. Since then Ivy has enjoyed writing for several magazines, newspapers, businesses and other publications throughout the country. She has a MBA is the owner of Written By INC a professional writing and editing company. Her work can be found on


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