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$10 Billion Needed For DFW To Houston High-Speed Rail

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Imagine heading from North Texas to Houston on a train doing more than 200 miles an hour. The concept of making the trip, on the ground, in 90 minutes, could soon be a reality.

Robert Eckels is the head of Texas Central Railway and says the trip could be possible in less than a decade.

Texas Central Railway is raising private investments to try and fund a $10 billion high-speed rail system connecting the metroplex with Houston and San Antonio.

"We are not looking for a government subsidy on this project," explained Eckels, "that's one of the key elements to make this project work and is distinguished from others is that we would be a privately operated system."

Eckels told the Tarrant Regional Transportation Coalition train travel is easier than flying, and less prone to terrorists.

"The key difference is you cannot highjack a train and turn it into a WMD," he said. "You can highjack a train and somebody in the central office is going to turn it off."

According to Eckels the train trip would also be more convenient that driving or flying.

"You just walk in and get on the train. You can use your phone. You can use your computer. You can get up and walk around. You can go down and get a snack. It's a much more pleasant way to travel."

If and when the high-speed train comes to fruition officials with Texas Central Railway say ticket prices would be about 70-percent of an airline ticket from North Texas to the Houston area.

If a group of investors commit to the high-speed rail the operation could be up and running by 2020.

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