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Supporting A Rotating Cast Of Local Food Trucks At Detroit Fleat Food Truck Park

Southfield (CW50) - In 2017, after operating the food truck Delectabowl for 5 years, Katie Picard and her childhood friend, Aaron Tye, opened up Detroit Fleat Food Truck Park & Boozery. Detroit Fleat was created after Picard and Tye had researched popular food truck cities like Austin and Los Angeles. In their research, they found these cities had popular, established food truck parks, where rotating rosters of food trucks would surround a permanent restaurant. Finding out that Detroit had yet to play home to a food truck park, Detroit Fleat was born.

Fleat Exterior
Detroit Fleat Exterior, prior to grand opening in 2017. (Courtesy of Detroit Fleat)

Detroit Fleat is a permanent building, which serves its own Mexican-style street food dishes, as well as alcohol and ice cream. The building features a lively patio area, where customers of both the restaurant and the food trucks can sit and enjoy their meals. The park features a rotating cast of food trucks, with mainstays including Impasto and Pita Post.

Food Trucks
Detroit Fleat Food Trucks parked outside the patio area (Courtesy of Detroit Fleat)

Detroit Fleat is open year-round with a house menu and full bar, which is the benefit of a permanent building, as food trucks have many limitations when operating with a liquor license. Fleat hosts several events through the season such as Slooshie Saturday, Wednesday Patio Trivia, and Sunday Boozery Brunch. Detroit Fleat is proud to highlight Michigan-based brands such as Faygo, Bettermade, Valentine's Vodka, B. Nektar Meadery, Detroit Cookie Company and White Pine Coffee Roasters.

Fleat Beefy Boy Tacos
Fleat Beefy Boy Tacos (Courtesy of Detroit Fleat)

The idea behind Detroit Fleat was not just to grow their original business or to find a permanent home for their food, but to help their friends in the food truck world have a place they could count on each day, knowing customers would be there.

Katie Picard
Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Katie Picard, Owner of Detroit Fleat

Katie Picard, Owner of Detroit Fleat, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about the idea behind Detroit Fleat and how it has helped local food trucks for the last four years.

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