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Investigators take the stand in murder trial of Detroit synagogue leader Samantha Woll

Investigators take the stand, place suspect near scene of Samantha Woll's murder
Investigators take the stand, place suspect near scene of Samantha Woll's murder 02:15

(CBS DETROIT) - Several investigators took the stand on the seventh day of the murder trial of Detroit synagogue leader Samantha Woll. Investigators included Michigan State Police Detective Lt. Alexander Martinez who examined video surveillance footage of the areas surrounding the Woll's residence the night of the murder. 

"I continued to observe this individual and see what I believe this individual pulling on a door handle, in the parking lot of where the victim's townhouse is at," said Martinez. 

Martinez said the person in the video appeared to be breaking into a vehicle in the parking lot of the Lafayette Square Condos. 

"It looked like entry was gained inside, and possibly a bag was being carried at some point after," Martinez said. 

A gray bag was taken in as evidence after investigators executed a search warrant on a vehicle driven by Michael Jackson-Bolanos. 

Eugene Fitzhugh, an evidence technician at the Detroit Police Department, testified that he tested a spot that appeared to be blood on the driver-side door panel. 

"I did swab it, however after I swabbed it, the stain remained usually if it's blood it will come up, in fact I put it in my report that it was probably ink or some other substance," Fitzhugh said. 

No blood was found in Jackson-Bolanos' vehicle; however, during the preliminary hearings, the prosecution presented evidence that blood found on a jacket owned by the defendant contained blood that was tested and found to be a likely match to a sample taken from Samantha Woll. 

That evidence has yet to be presented in this case and is perhaps the most important piece of evidence connecting Jackson Bolanos to the scene of the murder that occurred on Oct. 21, 2023. 

Testimony will continue on Monday. 

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