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Metro Detroit businesses dealing with repercussions of heat wave

Metro Detroit businesses facing the heat
Metro Detroit businesses facing the heat 01:41

PLYMOUTH, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - The hot temperatures are impacting businesses in Michigan.  

"Today was a really slow day for us," said Tanya Yaldo, the owner of Thai House in downtown Plymouth.

Yaldo said the heat is impacting her business in multiple ways. For one, she said not many people want spicy food when they are already sweating. She said it is also uncomfortable for her employees, as two people called out of work on Monday. Yaldo said they are constantly running their air conditioning, which is even more costly when business is slow. 

"We actually had one of our walk-in coolers actually break down today because of the heat because we have our compressors indoors. So, it's really really hot upstairs. That's another problem we're facing here," she said.

She said she worries about how they will cope with multiple days of high heat.

"We're not looking forward to it. Downtown usually is better in the summer, but when it's a heat wave like that, it's bad," said Yaldo.

They closed their patio as most people don't want to brave the heat, but not everyone.

"I didn't even have to light this. The heat lit it," said Anthony Kellum, referencing his cigar from La Casa cigar shop. "It's funny I was in there; it was a little cool, came out here, and you're uncomfortable. But once you sit down for a while, your body adjusts to the temperature, you're good."

He said the heat isn't something to ignore. 

"You have to be conscious and concerned for the elderly, right? And then you have to also be conscious and concerned for people who don't have air conditioning. It's hot," said Kellum. 

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