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Macomb County Sheriff warns of new phone scam targeting residents

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MACOMB COUNTY, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - A new scam is targeting Macomb County residents, and the sheriff's office is warning that those who fall for it can lose a lot of money. 

Macomb County Sheriff Anthony Wickersham said scammers are posing as a lieutenant at his office and stating that outstanding warrants must be paid over the phone or that jail time is possible.

"We will never tell you you have a warrant for your arrest, and you can take care of it over the phone," Wickersham said. 

Wickersham said the scammers manipulated the caller ID so they appeared to be calling from his office. It's a tactic known as "spoofing."

Wickersham said his office will never ask for money over the phone. 

"They could take care of it over the phone or take care of it by going to buy some other financial instrument from a local store and then calling them back; obviously, that's a scam," he said. 

If you believe you are being scammed, you can call the sheriff's office first to verify if the claims are true. 

Wickersham said if anyone asks for personal information or payment over the phone, that is an indication you are being scammed. 

"The message to the community is don't fall for it; just hang up," he said. 

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