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Love For Child Kids Camp Helps Bring Love, Understanding, Trust To The Lives Of Foster Care Children

Southfield (CW50) - There are thousands of children who go through the foster care system each year. A lot of these children come from lives of abuse, abandonment, and neglect. These children have a life based on trauma, and that trauma can have an impact on their trust of others, especially adults. These kinds of lives leave them feeling lost and without understanding of why it happened to them.

Love For A Child was created by Joe and Michelle Savalle in 2012 for foster care children in order to facilitate overnight camps, mentorship opportunities for children and youth, as well as, tailored resources for foster families to meet the specific needs within their care. These camps give these children a full week where they can just be kids and live like kids.

Joe Savalle said, "In a world where they are constantly overlooked, this is one week for their heart to be cherished, to be served, and to be focused on."

The Savalle's have been running camps and programming for foster care children for over two decades. Joe Savalle had an experience of taking a foster care child under his wing when he was in his early 20s, and since that moment he has dedicated his life to helping as many foster care children as he can.

The Love For A Child Kids Camp program was designed to meet the child in their time of need through a one week, overnight camp, to gain trust and understanding. Each camp offering throughout Michigan selects 40 foster children to attend for the week. The camp is hosted by 200+ trauma informed, trained volunteers who selflessly dedicate their time and compassion for children in care.

After the camp, each child is able to enter a mentorship program, where they are seen in monthly sessions by a committed Love for a Child mentor to serve and support the child.

"Throughout the rainy days, the winter days, the cold days, [we're there] as an outreach of trust for them to realize that they have someone consistent in their lives, no matter how much change approaches them."

Joe Savalle
Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Joe Savalle, Founder of Love For A Child

Joe Savalle, Founder of Love For A child, joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about the kids camps for foster care children, and how the experience helps each child.

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