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Ingham County Prosecutor announces criminal history of Michigan State University gunman

EAST LANSING, Mich. (CBS DETROIT) - The Ingham County Prosecutor has released the criminal history of the accused gunman in Monday's mass shooting on Michigan State University's campus. 

Prosecutor John Dewane issued the following statement Tuesday afternoon:

Last night our community suffered an unfathomable tragedy. A gunman entered MSU campus and began taking the lives of innocent students. 

As the news became widespread of this active violence incident, our community began to process this nightmare. Our deepest condolences are with those families, friends, students, faculty members whose loved ones were killed or injured by the gunman's deliberate actions last night. Our office also commends the quick response of law enforcement, first responders, dispatchers, and health care providers that responded from jurisdictions throughout our State. As a Prosecutor, a parent of an MSU student, and as a member of this community, I am grateful to everyone who responded to this emergency. 

Our office has been requested to provide information on the deceased gunman, Anthony McRae. In the interest of transparency, I am releasing information pertaining to the only case that the Ingham County Prosecutor's Office has handled. 

In 2019, Anthony McRae was contacted by police. During the investigation, he was searched by police and found to be in possession of a handgun that was legally registered to him. At the time, he did not have a concealed carry permit as required by law. As a result, he was charged with carrying a concealed weapon, a felony punishable by up to five years. 

On October 24, 2019, Mr. McRae entered a guilty plea to an added Count 2: Possession of a Loaded Firearm in or upon a Vehicle, a High Court Misdemeanor punishable by up to two years. On November 26, 2019, Mr. McRae was sentenced to 12 months probation with terms set by the 30th Circuit Court. On May 14, 2021, after successfully completing all terms of his probation, Mr. McRae was successfully discharged from probation. 

Any offender who is convicted and facing sentencing in Michigan is provided a Sentence Guideline (SGL) score during their pre-sentence investigation. The SGL score provides the court with guidance for a sentence recommendation. It is a routine matter in nearly all criminal cases that the recommended sentence is not the same as the legal maximum. Even if he were convicted by a jury of the original charge, Anthony McRae would not have been recommended for a jail or prison sentence. The sentencing guideline score would have been the same if he had been convicted of either the original charge (Carrying a Concealed Weapon) or the offense for which he was convicted (carrying a firearm in a vehicle). 

School shootings are becoming far too common in our State. The proliferation of guns in our cities and neighborhoods endangers us all. We support Governor Whitmer and our local representatives' calls for action. It is time to address gun violence in this state and the gun laws that allow for it to continue, time and time again. 

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