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DETROIT PROUD: Chris Chynoweth

He's one of the most sought-after music video editors in the Metro Detroit area. He's worked alongside artists such as Sheryl Crow, Kid Rock, Will.I.Am, and Eminem. His professional resume is chock-full of big-named clients, such as GMC, Kellogg's, Chrysler, Chevrolet, and Ford, to name just a few. In 2005, he became an inductee into the Specs Howard School of Media Arts Hall of Fame. In 2007, he received an AICE nomination for his work on Pontiac's "People Are Soft," and in 2010, he won best hip-hop video from the Metro Times.

So…who is this guy?

Chris Chynoweth

Meet Chris Chynoweth – video editor and director for Beast – one of the country's top editorial facilities for commercials, music videos, and web virals. They have offices in Santa Monica, New York, Austin, Chicago, Atlanta, San Francisco...and right here in Detroit. CW50 got the chance to sit down with Chris to get the inside look into his film world and what he's working on right here in Detroit!

"I've been in the business since I was 19 years old. I went to Specs Howard, so I was really young and just threw myself at the business," Chris told us, "It's a crazy experience, you get to meet a lot of people and it's a very rewarding and unique thing to be a part of." Chris has traveled and worked in many cities across the country, but tells us he "keeps coming back to Detroit."

So, why is Detroit at the top of the list for this multi-talented, sought-after video editor and director? "Detroit is one of those cities that have the best people – everyone is so friendly, we'd help each other get up when we fall," Chris said about what sets Detroit apart from other cities. "Detroit is the new scene. There are lots of opportunities for growth here in Detroit," he adds, "There's a lot of untapped creative."

Not only has Chris worked on big-name celebrity music videos (his first-edit cut of Kid Rock and Sheryl Crow's video for "Picture" was what broke him through), he's also lent his talents to many local music groups and artists, such as Detroit rock band Electric Six and jazz singer Sachal Vasandani. He's a firm believer in giving back to the city that he calls home. "I can see myself tailoring ideas to help growth in the areas we're shooting in. I like to give the opportunity to help people who have a passion; it's rewarding to contribute to something, especially when you see something in their work."

"I see Detroit in five years, because of technology changes and less production that is needed to pull things off, with more films and shows being shot here," Chris told us, "Especially if they keep the film incentives going, it's not really that important to move out west anymore. Technology has leveled the playing field."

Even with his long list of credits, Chris has plenty more aspirations with his film career – he would like to one day start a production company, and his first choice would be right here in Metro Detroit. "I see myself shooting bigger productions, I'd love to direct films – it's also a way to generate money to businesses around here and get involvement with the local community." He also has the goal of one day creating a children's television show, "very similar to Sesame Street." He adds that he thinks the lessons from an educational children's show can be very important, and would love to have it set in Detroit.

Chris left us with these defining words, "The city is about being part of a team."

We certainly agree, Chris. To find more information on Chris Chynoweth, visit his website here and the Beast website here!

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