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Breaking The Cycle Of Community Violence With D.L.I.V.E

Southfield (CW50) - D.L.I.V.E (Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday) is an organization dedicated to breaking the cycle of community violence in Detroit. Through their programs, victims of community violence are met prior to returning to their everyday lives in order to help them heal further. This is done by helping them recognize the fact that the likelihood of them getting injured again or even killed the next time is extremely high.

D.L.I.V.E. says that medical literature shows that once someone is injured as a result of interpersonal violence, they are at increased risk for repeat injury and death. D.L.I.V.E. was born out of the recognition that violence is a pervasive cyclical disease process that continues to be a major public health crisis in the city.   

Calvin and Jackie
Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Calvin Evans, Co-Founder of Detroit Life Is Valuable Everyday (DLIVE)

Calvin Evans, co-founder of D.L.I.V.E., joins Jackie Paige on Community Connect to talk about the process victims go through in their program in order to prevent further violence in the city. He also discusses he uses his personal story to help relate to the victims that come through D.L.I.V.E.'s doors.

Evans explains how, in his life, he was stabbed, then shot, then in prison within a short period. He uses his own experience to show he he himself is part of the statistical cycle, and how the people he works with can learn from his story to not become statistics themselves.

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