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A Look Inside The Revitalization of Detroit with the City's Housing, Planning and Development Team

Southfield (CW50) - The City of Detroit has gone through a renaissance of urban renewal in the last several years. The revitalization projects through the city's neighborhoods and downtown have become a model for other cities to make their own comebacks.

Detroit Housing, Planning and Development
Rending of future plans for one of Detroit's neighborhoods (Courtesy of the City of Detroit)

One of the main ideas that has been recognized across the country is Detroit's strategic neighborhoods. Detroit's focus on investing within the neighborhoods that surround the city and not just putting a focus on the tourist areas of downtown has created a model for other revitalizing citiesaround the country.

The city's Housing, Planning, and Development group didn't want to move forward with any redevelopment of neighborhoods without hearing what residence had to say. With that, the group has utilized many planning studies, which consist of numerous meetings with neighborhood residents to discuss their wants and needs for their neighborhood. Most of the core focus is on renovating homes and building commercial spaces within walking distance of neighborhoods.

Donald Rencher
Community Connect Host Jackie Paige, with Donald Rencher, Group Executive for Housing, Planning, and Development for the City of Detroit

Donald Rencher, Group Executive of Housing, Planning and Development for the City of Detroit, joins Community Connect host Jackie Paige to discuss how Detroit has become a model for urban renewal, and what how the city engages its residence to plan future projects.

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