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As temperatures soar, Coloradans turn to Cherry Creek State Park to cool off

As temperatures soar, Coloradans turn to Cherry Creek State Park to cool off
As temperatures soar, Coloradans turn to Cherry Creek State Park to cool off 02:17

As the heat in Colorado endures, more and more people around the state are going to be looking for ways to cool down.

Emerson Coyle and Cooper Collins decided to spend their Wednesday afternoon tanning and swimming at the swim beach inside Cherry Creek State Park, despite Cooper's objections.

Emerson Coyle & Cooper Collins CBS

"I love it. This is my weather!" said Emerson.

"I don't like it personally," said Cooper with a chuckle.

On a hot day like it was they weren't lonely. Lots of people flocked to the swim beach to try to cool down.

"It's a good environment. All the people are nice here. It's nice out," said Emerson.

Even though there were a lot of people at the swim beach on Wednesday, Cooper and Emerson say it wasn't nearly as busy as it has been on the weekends when they come.


"It can get crazy for sure," said Cooper. "There's not a lot of places around here to come for, like, water and stuff like that. And I mean, you see all the kids and stuff… it's probably the first time experiencing something like this so it's pretty cool."

Michelle Seubert the park manager at Cherry Creek State Park says she's not surprised.

"It is pretty typical for this time of year," said Seubert. "Sundays are our busiest day. And we go to park capacity, which means that the park is full on both sides."

Michelle Seubert CBS

They've been so busy that for the past few weekends they've had to turn people away because the park was full. She says if too many people were in the park, it would put a strain on resources, her staff, and the other visitors.

"We want to make sure that it's a good experience for the visitors when we're talking about what capacity means. You don't want, you know, people, right next to each other," said Seubert.

She says if you are coming on a weekend get here early and stay in the park because on the busiest days if you leave, you may not get back in. Even if you left your family and friends behind.


"My advice is get here before 12," said Seubert.

Cooper and Emerson say if you come bring a smile and patience to make sure everyone has a good time.

"As long as there's a positive environment, kept and stuff like that," said Cooper.

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