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'Tensions In The Community' Over Masks Prompts Police To Increase Presence At Eagle County Schools

(CBS4) - Officials in Eagle County say law enforcement will be very visible at its schools starting this Monday. The action is being taken in response to rising "tensions in the community" after the county released its new masking policy.

On Friday the county said all students, teachers and staff would be required to wear masks while in school.

Mask mandates in the classroom has led to aggression and even violence in some parts of the country. In California, a parent is accussed of assaulting a teacher because of one of those mandates.

A statement from Eagle County Schools included the following comment:

Our goal is the same as yours, getting our children back to school safely. Law Enforcement is requesting that persons who are wishing to express their opinions, not interfere or interrupt the freedom of movement and the functions of the schools.

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