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Littleton Wins Grant From Domino's To Pave Potholes

LITTLETON, Colo. (CBS4) - The City of Littleton is the only city in Colorado chosen for Domino's Paving for Pizza program. The city held a Pothole Paving Palooza Pizza Party with students from Makintosh Academy on Tuesday.

Paving for pizza 2 (City of Littleton twitter)
(credit: City of Littleton)

The city received a $5,000 grant to fill five "pizza killing" potholes in the Sunset neighborhood. Officials say the largest hole is 35-feet-by-5-feet.

Paving for pizza 3 (City of Littleton twitter)
(credit: City of Littleton)

"Our weather just produces them and road repairs are expensive and it's great to have an opportunity to take care of this large pothole. The grant is helping substantially with that," said Littleton Mayor Debbie Brinkman.

Paving for pizza 4 (City of Littleton twitter)
(credit: City of Littleton)

"An event like this shares the story about how investing in our infrastructure supports businesses and families in our community," said Littleton Public Works Director Keith Reister.

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