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Lightning strikes hit homes in Colorado, one house sustains heavy damage

Lightning strikes cause fires in Denver metro area
Lightning strikes cause fires in Denver metro area 00:34

Firefighters in the far southern part of the Denver metro area on Sunday night responded to three different homes that were struck by lightning during a period of strong thunderstorms. One of the strikes caused a house fire in The Pinery in Douglas County.

South Metro Fire

Neighbors said they saw a strike of lightning ignite the flames at the home, which is located at Running Fox Way. Some told CBS Colorado that lightning strikes on houses in the neighborhood have happened in past years but that this was the first anyone had ever seen a fire started because of one.

"Video of the suspected lightning bolt that ignited the fire was captured by a neighbor at 5:47 p.m., so the fire was likely burning in the attic of the structure for 20 minutes before it was noticed," South Metro Fire Rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

Mason Snyders, 11, said that he saw smoke after the storm and thought they were low-lying clouds. Quickly, he realized that it was smoke from a house fire as his family and others in the area called first responders who arrived within roughly 10 minutes.

Authorities said people inside the house were able to escape without injuries after the fire started.

"Crews used hand tools to poke holes in the ceiling and direct water into the attic space which was engulfed with flames. Unknown to the Firefighters working inside, flames burned through the tile roof and the structure was unstable. District Chief 1 observed worrisome conditions from the outside and called for all personnel to withdraw from the home. Moments later a large section of roof and burning attic trusses fell into the second floor and down to the first floor. Thankfully all crews made it outside safely and no one was injured," South Metro Fire wrote.

Despite the dangerous conditions, no firefighters were injured.

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