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Federal security officer restrained and raped nurse at Denver Mint, lawsuit claims: "It was atrocious"

Security officer restrained and raped nurse at Denver Mint, lawsuit claims
Security officer restrained and raped nurse at Denver Mint, lawsuit claims 00:41

An armed, uniformed security officer working at the U.S. Mint in Denver is accused of restraining and raping a woman two years ago after using the building's security cameras to track her location, a lawsuit filed in federal court this week claims. It's not the first time the officer has been accused of acting inappropriately.

According to the lawsuit, Ryan Gonzalez, a security officer employed by the Department of the Treasury, used the Mint's security cameras to track the location of a nurse working in the facility. He allegedly approached her, restrained her and raped her.

CBS News Colorado doesn't identify alleged victims of rape or sexual assault.

Coin Production At The Denver Mint
A pedestrian walks past the Denver Mint in Denver in October 2015. Luke Sharrett/Bloomberg via Getty Images

The nurse was working as a contracted civilian employee in 2022 at the time of the alleged rape. In the time since, she says she has suffered "severe emotional trauma to the point of illness, including but not limited to disorientation, gastrointestinal distress, vomiting, nausea, acute shock and disbelief, depression, PTSD."

It was "beyond the bounds of decency," her attorneys say. "It was atrocious."

The medical exam room where the rape allegedly occurred was normally kept tidy, but afterward, it "looked like it had been hit by a tornado," court documents read.

Court documents show that the nurse was then interviewed by three Treasury Police supervisors who were all men, despite her wishes that a female supervisor be present. She told an investigator hired by her attorneys that she "felt badgered and attacked."

As part of her attorneys' investigation, several colleagues of the nurse were interviewed, who all told investigators that Gonzalez watched the nurse on the Mint's security cameras, made inappropriate advances and would follow her to her car numerous times between August and November of 2022.

Gonzalez was previously accused of acting inappropriately toward a high school girl who was interning at the Mint. According to court documents, the Treasury Department paid the unnamed girl $100,000 to settle a complaint over that alleged behavior.

The plaintiff in this latest lawsuit is suing Gonzalez and the U.S. Government for personal injury, negligence, and deprivation of rights. She's seeking $2.5 million, additional damages and a jury trial.  

The Treasury Department did not immediately respond to several questions or a request for comment for this story.

CBS News Colorado is making attempts to get a statement from Gonzalez but so far has been unsuccessful.

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