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Colorado firefighters rescue 2 people from burning home in Commerce City

2 people in hospital after Colorado house fire
2 people in hospital after Colorado house fire 02:48

Firefighters with South Adams Fire rushed to a burning home in the 6200 block of Kearney Street in Commerce City on Monday afternoon. Two people were rescued from inside the home and rushed to the hospital. 

A burning home at 62nd Kearney St. in Commerce City.  CBS

There was a lot of smoke and flames coming from the roof, according to a CBS News Colorado crew that was on the scene. 

"Two people were trapped in the basement, and they were extricated through the basement window wells," said a spokesman with South Adams Fire. 

South Adams Fire crews rushed to a burning home in the 6200 block of Kearney in Commerce City. CBS

One person who lives in the home told CBS News Colorado's Gabriela Vidal that someone cooking may have sparked an explosion. 

South Adams Fire crews battled a house fire in Commerce City.  CBS

Firefighters were spraying the roof with a firehose in an effort to get the fire under control before moving into defensive mode. 

"We noticed that we had a partial collapse on the back side of the structure so we did move everybody out and go defensive on the fire," said South Adams Fire. 

What caused the fire was being investigated.   

"We believed the fire was in the attic at the time and we were trying to get to the attic. We were trying to cut a hole in the roof to expose that. There were two roofs on the home so our chainsaws wouldn't go all the way through to get into the attic," said South Adams Fire. "That's why they were having a heck of a time trying to get in there."

Fire crews said the home was heavily damaged. There is an adjoining home that suffered heat damage from the fire. 

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