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Doctor testifies about what happened in Elijah McClain's final moments

Doctor testifies about what happened in Elijah McClain's final moments
Doctor testifies about what happened in Elijah McClain's final moments 02:12

The trial of suspended Aurora police officer, Randy Roedema, and fired policeman Jason Rosenblatt finished the week with more scrutinizing of video.  

The lights dimmed in the courtroom.  

The jury fixed their eyes on monitors and listened as the body camera video from Aurora police was played.


"Stop right there. Stop. Stop," said one of the officers. 

Elijah McClain responded, "I have a right to go where I am going."

Police then responded with, "stop stop. I have a right to stop you cause you're being suspicious."

Officers subdued McClain using a carotid hold that restricts blood flow to the brain. Paramedics injected him with the sedative ketamine. He was taken unconscious to University Hospital and Dr. Marc Moss was later one of his doctors.


He told the court, "like all my patients I take care of I wanted the best outcome for Mr. McClain. I wanted him to survive."

But he testified when he saw McClain four days after the incident the 23-year-old could only breathe with a ventilator.

McClain was eventually taken off life support.

 Another doctor, Dr. David Beuther told the jury what was found in McClain's system.

"The toxicology report identified two things ketamine which is a drug and also marijuana," he said. 

He said the marijuana did not play a role in the death, but the ketamine injected by paramedics probably did. 

The prosecution asked, "in your medical opinion did you observe any need for Mr. McClain to get a sedative during this period of time just prior to the administration of ketamine?" 


"No, I did not," he responded.  

The defense cross examined Beuther with Rosenblatt's attorney, Harvey Steinberg, getting the doctor to admit that he forgot about a piece of critical information when he testified previously before the grand jury that indicted the two officers. 

That information was brought up during Beuther's testimony during Friday's court session.

The jurors have been told by the judge that they have Monday off and to return to the courtroom at 9 a.m. on Tuesday. 

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