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Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Space combatting teen violence in Colorado with opportunity

Aurora works to keep teens from engaging in violent behavior this summer
Aurora works to keep teens from engaging in violent behavior this summer 02:53

Two juveniles were shot in Aurora Wednesday afternoon, while four other juveniles were taken into custody. Neighbors told CBS News Colorado, violent altercations like this seem to be the norm.

"The kids over here they just roam around doing whatever they want," said neighbor Deana Campbell.


Jason McBride from the youth violence prevention nonprofit, Struggle of Love Foundation, says teenagers are dealing with a lot of challenges and frustrations right now.

"There's a lot of kids that don't have resources or employment," said McBride. "And those things are going to play out on the streets of Denver and Aurora."

That's why Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Space was at Triangle Park on Thursday, setting up carnival rides and cleaning everything up.


"The goal for this is to get our youth out into the city and have something to do while they're out there. So, they're going to go to our park and they're going to have an opportunity to have fun, get free food, meet new people," said Lexie Ries the marketing coordinator for Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Space.

It's the site of the first of three planned summer vibes in Aurora the city is hosting to give teens something to do that is free, safe and fun.

"Each of our events are going to have live music, games, arts and crafts, food trucks and even some raffles to win great prizes," said Ries.

  Lexie Ries, Marketing Coordinator for The City of Aurora Parks, Recreation and Open Space CBS

This program is in addition to the Aurora Summer Break program that gives teens free access to three different recreation centers around the city. The city is trying to provide those resources and opportunities for teens who may need them.

"It gives our, our teens the opportunity to have something to do that, you know, maybe they don't normally have. Especially with it being free. It's really a great opportunity," said Ries.

The next Summer Vides Aurora event will be held on July 18 at Wheel Park. Another one will also be held on August 1 at Appaloosa Park.

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