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WATCH: CTA Bus Driver Confiscates Gun, Kicks Rider Off Bus

(CBS) -- A video posted on the Facebook page, "People of the CTA," shows a bus driver confiscating a gun and kicking at least one person off his bus last week, reports WBBM's Steve Miller.

The video shows the CTA bus driver as he's successfully broken up a fight. As one young man moves toward the exit, the driver finds a handgun on the floor.

"I'm glad he picked up the gun and everything happened as it did because who knows what would've happened if the kid had picked up the gun himself," said Juan Ortega.

CTA Bus Driver Confiscates Gun, Kicks Rider Off Bus

Junior Ortega of Cicero was on the Number 52 Kedzie/California bus last Thursday afternoon and took the video. He credits the bus driver for stepping in and taking the gun and calming people down.

"Everybody had this adrenaline rush going through them. Everybody was shocked and excited, like, 'Oh my God, I can't believe this is what happened,' you know?"

The CTA says it did report the incident to police.

It is illegal to have a gun on a CTA bus or train - even if you have a permit for concealed carry.

The video below does contain some strong language.

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