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Wakey, Wakey, Eggs and ... Schmacon

(CBS) -- What do you call something that looks like bacon, tastes like bacon but is cheaper and better for you?

It's no miracle, CBS 2's Brad Edwards reports. It's "Schmacon," and the revolution begins in west suburban Naperville.

Howard Bender, owner of Schmaltz Deli, came up with "beef's answer to bacon" after four years of research and development. He had to find the perfect cut of meat. The finished product looks and acts like bacon, cooks in half the time and has less fat and fewer calories.

"I like pork bacon," Bender says. "This wasn't mean to replace. It was meant as a great alternative because, frankly, people are looking for an alternative now."

Schmacon will be in 2,000 grocery stores by early 2016.

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