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Violence interrupters mourn shooting that killed one of their own in Chicago

Violence interrupters mourn one of their own gunned down in Chicago
Violence interrupters mourn one of their own gunned down in Chicago 02:07

CHICAGO (CBS) -- A Chicago man who volunteered as a violence interrupter was shot and killed in the Englewood neighborhood this past weekend, and those who knew and volunteered alongside him vowed days later to carry on his mission.

Dennis Green volunteered with the Englewood First Responders. Charles McKenzie, the founder of the organization, said Green's death only makes him even more motivated to do the world.

"We be out here so people can see the presence," McKenzie said.

Most days, McKenzie can be found walking Englewood with a group of teens who volunteer as violence interrupters.

Green was shot and killed at 8:39 a.m. Sunday in the alley behind the 700 block of West 36th Place—in the very neighborhood where he worked to prevent gun violence.

"It's just so many mixed emotions. And it hit me where I'm like, man, I'm fighting so hard every day for violence, doing what I can do to decrease violence," said McKenzie, "and it happened to people who that are really trying to de-escalate situations."

McKenzie said people just need to know one story about Green to know the kind of man he was.

"There was a guy that was out there on drugs really bad, and he was smelling, and Dennis took off his brand-new pair of shoes and gave it to the man," McKenzie said, "and that lets you know he had a good heart for the people."

Chicago Police said Green was shot several times. He was 36.

Dennis Green Supplied to CBS 2

Green was one of eight people killed and 44 shot altogether this past weekend.

Dana Estrem runs an afterschool program near the scene of the shooting. He described what he witnessed.

"I started noticing some squad cars converging on this area," Estrem said. "Every life is invaluable."

Meanwhile, McKenzie said losing one of his own drives him to keep doing the work.

"It definitely pushed me to be more motivated," he said, "but if you're not strong-minded, it definitely can break you."

CBS 2 checked in Wednesday night with Chicago Police, who said no arrests have been made. 

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