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Thayer: Roy Williams 'Has To Step Up'

(WSCR) To say the preseason didn't go well for newly acquired Bears wide receiver Roy Williams would be an understatement.

From being out of shape to dropping numerous passes, Williams knows he still has to prove himself if he wants to be a part of the Bears offense.

And proving himself starts now, according to Bears radio analyst Tom Thayer.

LISTEN: Tom Thayer on The Mully and Hanley Show


"(Roy Williams) has to step up to the regular season plate now and hit some home runs," Thayer said on The Mully and Hanley Show. "It's not batting practice anymore, it's not just trail and error -- 'I'll get in shape by the regular season.'"

Thayer believes Williams will get an opportunity to shine Sunday against the Falcons.

"I do believe we are going to see a bigger targeted Roy Williams. I don't think he's the saving grace of the passing game. He's gotta come out and play good efficient football, but yeah, I think he is going to play better but I also think Johnny Knox is going to be a better player because of the trials he went through in training camp," Thayer said.

Williams is still listed ahead of Knox on the depth chart, but Knox had a strong finish to the preseason, which means the pressure is even greater on Williams to perform well.

"The strict evaluation that starts with every snap (Williams) has on Sunday will determine whether he's a major part of this offensive program or he's not," Thayer said. "I still hold out that Roy Williams is going to come out and be able to beat some press coverages to show himself as a big target across the middle. Will Jay (Cutler) throw him the football? I'm not so sure. But if he can attract attention, that is going to create those opportunities for Earl Bennett or Kellen Davis or the running back out of the backfield, Devin Hester, and the rest of the receivers they have here."

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