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State Sen. Oberweis Wants To End Ban On Sunday Car Sales In Illinois

(CBS) -- A state senator wants car dealerships open on Sunday and the car dealers don't like the idea, reports WBBM's John Cody.

Oberweis Wants To End Ban On Sunday Car Sales

State Senator Jim Oberweis says it's a philosophical issue and believes state law shouldn't be used to interfere with rights of consumers to car shop when they want.

But the president of the Chicagoland Automobile Trade Association David Sloan says Sunday opening would put an undue burden on the car sales force which already works long hours.

"New or used vehicle purchase is a very complicated transaction that often involves financing and financial institutions aren't open on Sundays," said Sloan.

Senator Oberweis feels he has public sentiment behind him but hasn't yet counted likely votes in Springfield to repeal the current law closing Illinois car dealers on Sunday.

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