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South Suburban Family Left In Fear After Police Raid Goes Wrong, Boy Is Shot In Knee

MARKHAM, Ill. (CBS) -- A police raid went horribly wrong in south suburban Markham back in May – with a 12-year-old boy ending up getting shot in the knee.

On Wednesday, his mother was talking only to CBS 2's Jim Williams, who took a close look at what happened inside their home.

The incident happened at 5 a.m. in late May.

"We're home in bed," said Crystal Worship. "The kids were sleeping."

The kids were sleeping, Worship said, until nearly two dozen officers from Country Club Hills and Richton Park shattered the morning quiet.

"These were SWAT officers. They were dressed in military fatigues," said attorney Al Hofeld Jr. "Their faces were covered. They had helmets on. All of them had automatic or assault rifles."

The officers had a search warrant to arrest Worship's boyfriend, who was wanted for drug possession and possession of weapons with an expired Firearm Owner's Identification card.

"Then the next thing you know we hear, 'Police, police!'" Worship said. "Then we hear the flash bangs."

The flash grenades left burn marks on the floor. But what happened next was far worse.

"We hear a shot," Worship said, "and I go to go to where the shot was at."

It was her son – 12-year-old Amir - shot by an officer.

"When he goes to put his flashlight back in his vest, and then returns his arm and his hand to the handle and the trigger of the gun, the gun discharges," Hofeld said.

Amir was struck in the knee. His kneecap was shattered.

"But as soon as it was clear that this 12-year-old boy didn't pose any threat and there was no one else in the room who posed any threat, he should have moved his gun down, put it on the safety position, so it could never be discharged," Hofeld said.

Worship said she tried to run to her son, but was restrained by police.

"The police had grabbed the back of my neck," Worship said.

She said she was taken to the police station instead of being allowed to go with her son to the hospital. And she was not even the target of the warrant.

The CBS 2 Investigators have uncovered several bad Chicago police raids that have traumatized children, and now Worship is describing how her family was hurt.

"I have nightmares and I stay up all night, because I think they'll come back," she said.

Twelve-year-old Amir Worship had surgery and faces a long rehabilitation. His mom said is now terrified of police. She moved him to Texas.

Police in Country Club Hills said they are awaiting an investigation by the Illinois State Police and have no comment. The Richton Park police chief has not returned CBS 2's calls.

As for the charges against Crystal Worship's boyfriend, they were dropped.

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