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Chicago store robbed twice in 3 days; owner says he's running out of protection options

Chicago store owner running out of protection options after being robbed twice in 3 days
Chicago store owner running out of protection options after being robbed twice in 3 days 01:52

CHICAGO (CBS) — For the second time in three days, a liquor store on the South Side has needed some emergency repairs, and Chicago police said thieves have targeted the business twice, using cars to break inside and get away.

The shocked owner, Al, said he was running out of ideas to protect his store.

 "It was a nightmare," he said.

After five years in business at Fuller Park Beverage, Al never had a worse week. CBS 2 is only using his first name and not showing his face.

"I don't know what those guys are capable of doing," Al said. "I really don't know."

At least 10 guys arrive at Al's Liquor Store on Root Street early in the morning. They hitch a chain from the side gate to a Jeep and hit the gas. When they can't open the door by hand, they try extra horsepower again.

Al's barely had time to replace his front door. Now, he's dealing with damage and theft all over again.

"We're still waiting on the glass to get ordered," Al said. "Two break-ins in less than 72 hours."

Al suspects the same crew hit him twice, but he can't be sure. He just hopes this week doesn't get any worse.

"It seems like no matter how much you secure it, they still find a way to get in," Al said.

The liquor store has since installed metal shutters and is considering armed security.     

"They came in. They knew where they where they were going. They hit the spots where the high-end liquor was," said Al. "They used two dollies, and they used garbage cans to load the liquor in it and the cigarettes, premium cigars. You name it. They didn't discriminate."

They took out a side door this time, but this past weekend, they came through the front.

"Four o'clock in the morning, we had a Jeep Cherokee come through our doors," Al said.

They go for liquor and cash from the registers.

"God knows how much they took. We're still trying to figure that out," said Al.

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