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Biggs: Forte Assumes All Risk

(WSCR) Matt Forte is just one injury away from losing his mega-payday.

As he plays out the final year of his rookie contract, Forte turned down the Bears contract offer in search of more money.

One Bears analyst says Forte is playing with fire by waiting for a new contract.

"All of the risk right now, 100 percent of the risk, is on Matt Forte," Brad Biggs of The National Football Post and Chicago Tribune told The Mully and Hanley Show on Friday.
"Some of the people in the club would counter with, 'Well, he could leave in free agency.' Not with the franchise tag. The Bears carry zero risk at this point with him. Some people, I think, are a little surprised that Forte's party wants to go this route specifically because it is dangerous. You're one injury away from losing the big pie there that you're going to get."

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Biggs said the smart business move for the Bears is to franchise tag Forte twice.

"I think the Bears should probably take a hard stance with him with the franchise tag," Biggs said. "If you look at that situation and say,' OK, you can franchise tag him for the next two years at a cost of a little more than $16 million.' After that point, he will have completed six seasons in the NFL. How many backs are at an elite level after six years in the league? … He's been a work horse guy since the day he got here. How much sense does that make for the Bears? I tend to think that makes a lot of sense."


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