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77-Year-Old Man Shot In Leg After Fight With Dirt Bike Riders In Worcester

WORCESTER (CBS) - Two men in their 70's were brought to the hospital, one with a gunshot to the leg and the other after being hit in the face by a rock while fighting with a group of dirt bikers on Route 20 in Worcester Wednesday.

Cell phone video taken from a passing car shows the moment at least one dirt biker was fighting with the men. Police tell WBZ-TV they were called to 308 Southwest Cutoff at about 5:51 p.m. for a large group of dirt bikers.

Video shows the man's dirt bike get pushed to the ground. Then one of the men grabs the dirt biker and starts shoving him.

Worcester dirt bike
Cell phone video shows altercation between dirt bike rider and two men on Route 20 in Worcester (WBZ-TV)

At some point during the altercation, police say a 77-year-old man was shot in the leg and a 74-year-old man also involved in the fight was hit in the face with a rock.

Then the young man hopped back on his dirt bike and drove away. Police released a photo of a man in a red shirt wanted for questioning in the shooting. Anyone with information is asked to contact Worcester Police.

It all happened at an intersection right near a gas station where employees witnessed the scene.

Worcester dirt bike shooting
Man wanted for questioning in shooting of 77-year-old in Worcester (Image credit Worcester PD)

"A couple of my coworkers were outside and they heard it. They thought it was a backfire from the dirt bikes and then they saw the scene in the commotion and everything and then they found out it was a gunshot and came in and told me," a gas station employee told WBZ. "The poor guy. He is 77. I don't know whose fault it was but there's no need for violence like that at all."

No arrests have been made.

A police helicopter was brought in to help with the search for suspects. The helicopter was flying around a multi-unit complex in the area of St. Nicholas Avenue, which is roughly seven miles from where the fight broke out.


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