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Keller @ Large: The history and struggles of gay politicians in Washington

Keller @ Large: How sexuality is used as a political weapon
Keller @ Large: How sexuality is used as a political weapon 04:40

BOSTON – Dover native James Kirchick recently published the book "Secret City: The History of Gay Washington," which looks at how gay people active in politics and the government have struggled to serve free of prosecution and demonization.

Kirchick talked about the book with WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller.

"The story that I tell in the book, and of gay Americans in general, is really two steps forward and two steps back," Kirchick said.

Keller asked Kirchick about the current landscape, specifically the political weaponization of things like transgender issues.

"While it's uncomfortable right now to be looking at it and experiencing it, if you look at the broad sweep of American history, it's hard not to be optimistic," Kirchick said.

Keller @ Large: Part 2

Keller @ Large: Author says it's "Hard not to be optimistic" despite politicization of some LGBTQ is 04:02
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