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'Our Kids Deserve Better': Photos Show Spoiled Meals Served To Lynn Elementary Students

LYNN (CBS) – Hundreds of parents in Lynn have signed a petition demanding fresher, healthier school lunches after photos show what appear to be spoiled meals being served to elementary students.

"We've seen food with mold on it. Food that's soggy, frozen sometimes," Lisa Adie told WBZ-TV.

Her son sent her photos of his lunch dating back to September from a Lynn elementary school. It shows a sandwich and pasta that appear to be spoiled.

Now, hundreds of Lynn parents are turning frustration into action.

Lynn school lunch
Food served to Lynn elementary school appears to have mold (WBZ-TV)

"Our kids deserve better," said Sophia Seang, a Lynn mother. "Just because they have free lunch, doesn't mean they deserve to eat rotten food – inedible food. It's disgusting!"

The company Revolution Foods prepares the lunches because the elementary schools in Lynn don't have a kitchen.

After seeing the photos of the lunches, more than 500 parents have signed Seang's petition calling for better meal options.

"That day I decided I was going to make home lunch no matter what," said Melody Finnegan, who has three children in Lynn elementary schools.

"Unfortunately, many families in Lynn can't do that. There's a big food insecurity issue here in Lynn and many, many families rely on this sustenance for their children."

The parents told WBZ-TV that Lynn school officials are investigating the photos.

We requested a comment from the Lynn superintendent of schools and Revolution Foods but didn't hear back.

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