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Rubio Supporters Get In Scuffle With #RobotRubio Protester

BOSTON (CBS) -- A YouTube video shows supporters for Marco Rubio getting into a scuffle with a protester dressed as a robot outside a polling station Tuesday morning in Manchester, New Hampshire Tuesday.

As the protester approaches a crowd of Rubio supporters outside the polling place at the Webster School just hours before polls were set to close, one man appears to use a giant Rubio sign to block his path before another supporter pulls the protester away.

#RobotRubio Gets Manhandled By Team Marco by Americans United For Change on YouTube

The protester can be heard saying, "Why do you have your hands on me? Look at all these cameras."

After another man appears to tell the Rubio supporters to leave the protester alone, the protester is joined by another man dressed as a robot, whose costume reads "Rubio Talking Point 3000." That man said on Twitter that he was later pushed to the ground.

The #RobotRubio hashtag is in reference to the candidate's performance during Saturday night's Republican debate. There, the senator repeated the same attack line four times, drawing criticism from fellow candidate Chris Christie during the debate and from these protesters dressed as robots in the days after. Critics called Rubio's attacks repetitive and robotic.

robot rubio
One of the #RobotRubio protesters following Marco Rubio around New Hampshire. (WBZ-TV)

Another protester appeared to be pushed by a Rubio supporter in a photo. The protesters were reportedly members of the American Bridge 21st Century political action committee.

marco rubio robot
Volunteers and staff for Marco Rubio, along with trackers and demonstrators including Kevin McAlister of the American Bridge 21st Century political action committee, pushed, shoved, and wrestled as Rubio stopped to thank supporters outside the polling place at Webster School. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

In another photo, the #RobotRubio protester can be seen standing just feet away from Rubio himself at the same polling place.

marco rubio robot
Sen. Marco Rubio shakes hands while thanking supporters outside the polling place at Webster School February 9, 2016 in Manchester, New Hampshire. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)
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